Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wedding decor for Laura

Spring is the awakening of winters' sleep! From birds feathering their nests to flowers, bursting with the colors of life! Yes, indeed; my favorite time of the year! No wonder that most brides' choice of her wedding, is spring or summer. The myriad of colors that spring and summer emulate, are captured in these seasonal weddings.

Several years ago, my daughter, Laura, asked me to decorate for her wedding. This was my first venture into totally decorating from the pagoda that they were married under, to the pews, reception tables, wedding card and guest book table and to wherever my imagination led.....AND I HAVE A VIVID IMAGINATION!

My vivid imagination, filled up a travel trailer that made it's way across the state of Virginia to where her wedding was to be in Richmond.Floral arrangements, bows, netting, vases, flowers by the box full, pedastels, a guilded birdcage, Laura's great grandmother's wedding dress, and pretty much everything else in my house, minus the toilets, was packed and brought.

The color theme was crimson and what a wonderful wedding it was!

After this wedding, two other daughters remained.I gave my other daughters, Stephanie and Meredith, two choices;

1. I will decorate for your wedding but the color must be crimson. Pretty much what you see here at Laura's wedding, will pop up at YOUR wedding!

2. I will be more than glad to pay for a ladder with a bow on it!

All joking aside, I must say, that minus the rise in blood pressure to get ALL these decorations made, I just REALLY enoyed it!
As an inspiration of Laura's wedding, here are a few of wedding decor items that I'm offering.

Piece of advice for the Bride and Groom...

Groom: When your new wife asks you to jump, ALWAYS SAY.... How high?

Brides: Never say no..... say ...MAYBE...!

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  1. Hi Susan, Welcome to the community of bloggers. Oh you have started out so well. Your blog looks great. It will always be a work in progress like everyone's but so glad to see you here and getting your start.

    Love the pics of the wedding decor. You are so talented. I look forward to many inspiring posts from you my friend. You are going to have so much fun. You can place an etsy mini on the side bar to show your etsy site.

    See you again soon. Thanks for letting me know you are here.
    Blessings always.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  2. Hello Susan & welcome to the world of blogging. I found your blog thru my good friend Celeste! You have such inspiring pictures & are a wonderful artist. I look forward to getting to know you better through your posts!

    Angelic Accents